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2020 Fishing in Tofino British Columbia

We have been on the water this past week, Feb 14th, to kick off the 2020 fishing season with some quality prawning and crabbing and have been fortunate enough to catch a nice winter Chinook salmon, and see Killer Whales take down a Sea lion. The following is an overview of the opportunity we will have this coming season. 

Chinook Salmon -  Year round with the best fishing coming from June - early September. During 2019 we enjoyed consistent fishing from mid June through August along the rock piles on the outside of Clayoquot Sound. This area was open to full limits all season as Fraser River stocks of concern are not present in this fishery. We have good Chinook options in August although most areas with in Clayoquot Sound go to Chinook non-retention of close to protect local stocks of concern. This has been the case for the past decade.

Spot Prawns - February to early May. Although open all year in Clayoquot Sound our prime prawn season is prior to the opening of the commercial season in early May. Prawns are a great fishery for all ages and experiences. It is a scenic calm water fishery, there is opportunity to be involved with hauling the gear and they are great eating, fresh or frozen.

Dungeness Crab - Year round, best in winter, the Tofino Harbour has some of the best crab fishing in the area. A great way to start of finish the trip.

Halibut - The 2020 season will have the same regulation and timing structure as 2019. Open Mar 1 - Dec 31, your choice of 1 per day 1 in possession 91 - 126cm (60 ish pounds max) or 1 per day 2 in possession 90cm (18 pounds) max. Our best Halibut fishing is typically from May - June.  It can be good before and after that period too, halibut fishing typically does slow a little as the season progresses.

Lingcod & Rockfish - Good fishing April 1 - November 15 providing sea conditions are decent.

Coho salmon - July - September, Coho provide us with a great inshore fishery during the summer months, lots of fun on fly gear or light tackle. Perfect BBQ size too.

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