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June - July 2019


As spring turns to summer in the North Eastern Pacific Ocean we begin to welcome back salmon to some of the most productive feeding grounds in the world's oceans. When the summer sun meets the cold nutrient rich waters up-welling out of the depths if the Pacific and onto the edge of the continental shelf the ocean comes to life with phyto and zooplankton, the base level food sources for oceanic life. Herring, Needle fish, and sardines will gather to gorge on the abundant plankton and will in turn draw salmon to feed. Other highlights of the early summer is the Opal squid spawn around summer solstice. As the squid congregate in the shallow coastal waters near Tofino passing Chinook salmon will stop to feed. Its a great time to be on the water salmon fishing. Wild salmon are an excellent food source, our guides will clean fish and can prep fresh fish for dinner. There is a processing plant at the dock where you can have your fish filleted, vacuum packed and flash frozen. They can hold your fish until the day you leave town, you can take it in your own cooler or have it packed in one they will supply. It is possible to have your fish packed for air making it easy to travel with to your final destination.

We have excellent bottom fishing options in the Tofino area. Halibut is always a highlight and June/ July are two of the most productive months of the season. Lingcod and Rockfish are also on the menu and can often be hand hooked on jigs, a great way to go for the whole family.

Tofino Fish Guides has a longstanding commitment to giving back to local salmon enhancement and restoration initiatives through the 1% for the fish program. We ask our clients to donate 1% of the charter price and add a donation of 1% of our profits. We donate to not for profits doing work in Tofino and Clayoquot sound. 

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