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Chinook Salmon

Often called Springs or King Salmon these powerful fighters are the target species of choice for most of the season. Chinook can be caught year round in the Tofino area, they are great fighters and fantastic table fare.  Abundance varies daily and weekly as fish runs move down the coast often feeding for extended periods in the waters near Tofino. Typically peak numbers are in the Tofino area sometime between June and August. Chinook are the largest of the five Pacific Salmon species.


These tasty bottom fish can be caught in the offshore waters throughout the fishing season. After spending the winter in deep ocean waters Halibut move up onto the continental shelf to spend the spring and summer feeding. Late spring and early summer can provide some of the best halibut fishing opportunity, however good fishing can be had through out the season.

Coho Salmon

Coho provide us with some fantastic surface activity and are a real thrill when hooked on a fly rod or light tackle. Often beginning to show up in late June, Coho fishing heats up as the summer progresses. Coho or Silvers are renown for spectacular acrobatic behaviour once hooked. Sound good? Have a look at our Saltwater fly-fishing charters.

Spot Prawns

A west coast delicacy! Winter and spring are the best times to pull the prawn gear. A fantastic way to get out on the water even when the weather is not at its best. Travel the fjords of Clayoquot Sound and reap the bounty of the deeps! Calm waters and stunning views make prawning a great way to get your family on the water.

Albacore Tuna

During August and September a warm water current moves up from the coast of California to sit in the deep water trench off of Vancouver Island. This current brings with it Albacore Tuna, a fish that in recent years has gained a reputation as not only a fantastic game fish but as a sustainable and healthy food choice. When the tuna current is with in striking distance and weather conditions allow us to travel well offshore, Albacore Tuna can provide anglers with a high octane blue water experience right in British Columbia.

Dungeness Crab

Excellent crab fishing can be had in the immediate area. Fun for the whole family, or an added extra at the end of the day, pulling the traps is always entertaining. Please ask about crabbing in advance so we can have the traps ready!

Cutthroat trout and Steelhead

Catch, photograph, and Release these fantastic sports fish on one of our remote freshwater trips.