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Winter fishing Tofino

Dungeness Crab   Spot prawns Tofino

The winter months
are a great time to head out into the fiord inlets of Clayoquot Sound near Tofino to fish for winter Chinook Salmon, pull the prawn and crab traps, take in the scenery and look for wildlife.

Spot prawns are fantastic table fare, you can saute them in butter and garlic or eat them raw with soya and Wasabi. However you like your prawns a sportfishing charter is the only way to get fresh BC Prawns prior to the commercial opening in May. We are set up with a power prawn trap puller, you are welcome to help out as much or as little as you like.
Winter Chinook
Dungeness Crabs while available year round in the Tofino harbour, are particularity abundant during the winter months. Pulling the crab traps is interesting and entertaining for the whole family and can be quite productive. You can take them back to your place and boil them up or have the 1909 dockside restaurant cook them up as part of a 'cook your catch' meal.

Salmon fishing can produce some nice results during the winter months and can be fished in the calm waters of the Sound. Winter Chinook Salmon are, in our opinion, the best eating fish in the North Pacific. Gorging on krill during the winter months makes these salmon a delicious treat.

Winter halibut and bottom fish charters -
When the weather breaks and the seas lay down and we are able to access the offshore waters for feeder Chinook Salmon and bottom fish. Halibut, lingcod and rock fish are good options when open to fishing. Halibut close Dec 31st and reopened March 1st, Lingcod and Rockfish close November 16th and reopen April 1st.

A trip to the Hotsprings can be added to your day of fishing.

Please give us a call or an email if you would like further information or would like to set up a charter. Winter pricing available.


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