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Sept - Nov 2014

Plenty of great fishing options exist during the late summer and fall in the Tofino area. Coho Salmon, Dungeness Crabs and Spot Prawns can be fished in the calm waters of Clayoquot Sound while feeder Chinook, Halibut and Ling cod can be found in the Offshore waters.

This time of year is the prime time to venture into our remote river system to enjoy a day in the wilderness catching and releasing Coho Salmon and trout. This spectacular and untouched river system is one of the jewels of the area and is visited by only 20-30 anglers per year. Always an adventure, it is common to see Black Bears and spawning salmon as we paddle downstream.

During September Tuna fishing charters can be a fantastic option when the sea conditions are appropriate. Blue water fishing in BC is a novelty that shouldn't be missed, we often see marine life that is typically spotted farther south in more sub-tropical waters. Recent sightings include Sei Whales, Fin Whales, Right Whale Porpoises, Risso Dolphins, Mola mola, Albotrose, and Blue Sharks.

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